As our training participants build their skill sets, they move along a 6-step process and become more confident and practiced in their ability to apply their competencies from simple to complex situations.

Depending on the training methods selected (on site, eLearning, webinar, conference, etc.), each person’s development path will vary in length and comprehension. Though we teach multi-faceted and diverse core competencies, our programs follow the same structure:

  1. Become Self-Aware: participants will become aware of their areas of improvement within the competency category.
  2. Recognize: participants will recognize the concept, theory, or real-life examples of their training area.
  3. Practice: participants will take first steps to apply their new skill sets in a real-life scenario.
  4. Implement: participants will enact and display their new competencies in daily life while remaining self-aware, recognizing the concept in interactions, and practicing with confidence and enthusiasm.
  5. Manage & Supervise: participants will be able to oversee others as they progress on their own path, offering support, best practices, and genuine feedback.
  6. Teach & Sustain: participants are now experts in the competency area, certified in their abilities and able to teach others how to implement this new skill within their own lives, improving upon the participants’ expertise as they gain new perspectives and experience.

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