On-Site Training

Learn and apply proven principles and approaches from MindsetGo certified instructors who facilitate engaging, high-energy, collaborative classes. The MindsetGo focus is on working with teams and individuals to Know Yourself, Engage Your Team, and Understand Your Internal and External Clients.

Whether you prefer a one-on-one session with a certified instructor, a smaller classroom setting, or a large seminar, we provide training options that best suit your organization’s style of learning. We offer a variety of hands-on exercises, role-playing, situational coaching, real-time feedback, and real-world assignments so you can apply what you’ve learned.


The MindsetGo e-Learning portfolio allows organizations to manage and track participants in highly interactive programs from your office or home. MindsetGo E-Leaning platform offers participants the ability to ask questions and interact with instructors conveniently and effectively. We recognize that continuous learning does not look the same for everybody; in today’s fast paced world, we’re here to ensure a comprehensive and interactive education for those with dynamic lifestyles!


MindsetGo sponsors and hosts webinars throughout the year that cover dynamic and engaging topics focusing around Emotional Intelligence, Communication Intelligence, and Multi-Generational Intelligence. Register and join us on one of these webinars to learn more about changes in the industry, best practices, and new developments within the industry.


MindsetGo seminars provide an opportunity for in-person learning and peer-to-peer networking. Our seminars are interactive and ask the right questions to engage attendees and facilitate the share of best practices. Employers trust MindsetGo for our solution-oriented learning strategies. Seminars are intensive and dynamic, and offer the chance for individuals to hear the perspectives of others outside of their organization in a way that many on-site trainings don’t afford.

Launch and Learn

Launch & Learns are a great way to reward and engage your employees and clients. The following topics each represent an abbreviated version of our comprehensive professional and personal communication training programs. Each interactive session offers a hands-on learning experience that features problem solving, role-plays and simulations of real scenarios that you face in the workplace and at home.
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Custom Design

MindsetGo will work with your organizations to tailor our content and delivery methods to your employee’s preference. We understand that every client has different needs and objectives. Our team will work with you to receive the most impactful experience possible and ensure you maximize the results!

Training for Trainers

Managers need to know how to use training to improve employees’ performance and further their progress on their career path. They will learn how to help employees identify training needs, fine-tune to be a more effective coach or trainer, oversee on-the-job training, and evaluate performance effectiveness.

We offer two different train-the-trainer programs. The first is “jump start” training to bring new employees or an employee in a new position up to speed. The second is continuous improvement training designed to keep all staff ahead of the curve. (See more)

Meeting of the Masterminds

Are you struggling to get past day to day emergencies and focus on real priorities? Is there a lack of a clarity or execution around your strategy, goals and vision? Do you have an advisor(s) that can provide accountability, idea generation and problem resolution?

Meeting of the Masterminds™ is an elite group of talented and accomplished business owners who offer support and accountability to form an invaluable brain trust. Mark Altman, your executive coach and facilitator, leads this talented team to focus on your issues, create exciting opportunities and develop solutions that are relevant for the life of your business. Each member of the Masterminds Advisory Board embraces the challenge to solve problems, brainstorm business development strategies, create and set goals, provide feedback and implement successful best practices. Tap into your potential for personal and professional growth and join an executive coach, proven entrepreneur, and your team of talented advisors!


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