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Josh O'Gara
Financial Wellness Workshops

O’Gara Financial Group specializes in:

Benefits Value Assessment

Our custom process for reviewing your current benefit plans and benchmarking them against other similar companies. We review the costs and benefits of your plans to reveal any inefficiencies, saving you money and making sure your benefit plan is competitive.

Brokerage Services

As brokers we are not tied to any one product or carrier, so we can survey the market to find the most cost-effective solutions.

Individual Insurance Services

Workplace benefits are a great base to work from when building an insurance plan. However, many times gaps can exist. We help both employees and business owners address those gaps in coverage through tailored plans designed for their specific needs. With better insurance protection, employees are more able to cope with emergencies and feel less stressed at work.

Health Wellness & Engagement

Through our exclusive partnership with MindsetGO, an industry-leading wellness and engagement firm, we can help design a wellness plan that will deliver on the promises of increased employee engagement and satisfaction, helping increase your bottom line.

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness is the hot topic in the benefits industry currently, however many programs are not living up to their billing. We pair technology solutions with in-person seminars and local advisors to design impactful programs that make a difference in your employees’ lives and improve their productivity at work.

HR & Compliance

Often, the biggest headache in administering a benefits plan is HR and Compliance. We can help guide you through the confusion and become an extension of your internal team, helping cut down on wasted time and avoid costly fines.

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