Presentation Coach

Kyrah Altman has years of experience teaching and inspiring youth to advocate for themselves to achieve wellness, success and a sense of purpose. She became the President, CEO and Executive Director of Mental Health Promotion (MHP) and its umbrella organization, LEAD (Let’s Empower, Advocate and Do) at age 19. Kyrah incorporated her nonprofit organization, LEAD, and began work to alleviate untreated mental illness to help students across the United States. She also serves as a Mental Health First Aid instructor, keynote speaker and expert panelist for her organization, as well as a coach and mentor for MindsetGo.
According to Kyrah: “MindsetGo’s unique approach to teaching communication, public-speaking and self-advocacy skills fills an education gap that is being ignored by parents, educators and students across the United States. Being part of an organization that doesn’t just teach, but empowers students in an engaging and valuable way to be successful communicators, makes me excited for the future of our country. I believe all students have the potential to overcome obstacles, challenge limitations and shoot for the stars. By the same token, I believe we all have a responsibility to set our students up for success so every barrier and glass ceiling can be shattered.”